My radio interview

Interview with Jen (me) from Irish Autism Action with Emma Ziff from Jnetradio, March 16th.

Emma and I are talking about parenting a child with autism and how it affects family life.

Part 1

Part 2


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SAHMlovingit said...

How did it go Jen? Did you get over your nerves?

I can't listen at the moment as I'm on my phone but will do when I can get home to the laptop.

Hope HRH is doing ok and they get some answers for him soon.


Kelloggsville said...

I listened. Found it very interesting. Felt sad when you said you don't do family days out.

Varda said...

Hey, Jen, Just wanting to make sure you saw my email from about a month ago asking you to be a guest poster for my new Special Needs Sibling Saturdays guest post series at The Squashed Bologna... because the stuff about sibling relations and family life is just what I'm looking for ;-)

You were absolutely terrific! Hope all starts going better for HRH soon. Much love, V

brigid said...

Well done, Jen, you are a natural.

jazzygal said...

Well done Jen! You sounded great and totally at ease.

xx Jazzy

Lizbeth said...

Jen--listening now--you sound so at ease--love the accent. ;)
When you talk about diagnosis that kind of hit me--our oldest is on the specturm and we didn't quite pick up on it till our second child was doing things he could not. Our MD's kept brushing it off....
And the finances--geesh, don't get me started--we do things privately as well. We didn't want to wait or jump thru all the hoops...

Jen--you're an inspiration.

Beth said...

That was awesome Jen - you spoke so fluently and eloquently, with lots of great information in there.

Well done ;) x

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