Ducks and Blog Gems

Ok, they don't have a lot in common.....except maybe an indication of where my head is at the moment.

My blogging mojo has just disappeared since our time in hospital with HRH. I have decided not to struggle with it, for a bit, and will be handing over Blog Gems to Varda aka The Squashed Bologna while I take a much needed break........for the month of August definitely............while I get my ducks in a row.

Not being one who finds it easy to languish around, I have undertaken a new, and very exciting venture. HRH attends a preschool for autistic children. His school are taking part in an iniative from Irish Autism Action whereby if they recycle old mobile phones they can get technology for the school. They are aiming to get 165 old phones to get an iPad to use as a teaching tool with the children. As there are only 12 students in the school they are finding it a bit daunting. Therefore I have made it my mission to ensure they get 165 phones.

It is fabulous to focus on something so uncomplicated and positive and I am really enjoying how invested I am in this project (so is the school!!)

So, if you happen to have any old phones around the house and fancy helping me 'sort my ducks' feel free to email me (pretty please?). If it resembles a phone it is fit for the purpose intended!!

Meanwhile I will be doing a guest post, also over at Vardas', for Special Needs Siblings Saturday - tomorrow. She had to drag it out of me (see previous mojo reference) but I got there in the end. Go pay a visit for Vardas' sake, she worked hard!


Minus 3

I am minus 3 family members this evening. My husband, Firstborn and Her Cuteness have gone on their holidays while HRH and I remain at home. Special Needs children have a longer school year in Ireland and this year HRH will only get 3 weeks holidays, beginning on 5th August.

We have been taking the children to a mobile home for their summer holidays for years now. We move lock, stock and barrell into 35x12 for two months every year (don't ask how it feels, please) All the children love it. Last year and this year are different now that HRH has a longer school year, but we still try to do what we can for Firstborn and Her Cuteness. To this end, Mr LS has taken his summer holidays and brought them away while I stay here with HRH. Then, when HRH finishes school, I will bring him and join the other children for the last 3 weeks of the school holidays. At that time Mr LS will return to work.

I have to admit to looking forward to this time. I have so much I want to do around the house that is impossible to do with 3 children underfoot. I love painting - wall painting, not the artistic on canvas type of painting - and I am so looking forward to getting started on........well, a lot of painting. Also, when you have 3 children being left with only 1 to look after is a holiday in itself!

They left at 3pm and I tidied the house, and it is still tidy 5 hours later *satisfied grin* But, well, I was so efficient now I am twiddling my, no, of course I don't miss them!! It's just that I don't really know what to do with myself (until I buy paint)............


My name is Jen and I am a technology anorak.

Yes, that is what my husband calls me, 'the anorak'. But, you know, I am proud of it. I was feeling the need for a new gadget recently. There wasn't anything taking my fancy but the compulsion remained. After a few days thought I bought Firstborn a netbook because I was fed up having to share my lovely laptop (No Sticky Fingers). To be fair to the child he had saved up some money and paid for half the cost. He got a netbook and I got my technology fix so everyone is happy.

Enter Bags of Love. I have never, ever, reviewed anything on this blog. Really the only thing that would interest me is something technology related and that opportunity has never come up. But Bags of Love came oh so close, with a technology accessory that I couldn't resist. The offered me a personalised laptop bag to review, with my own choice of design on it. All I had to do was send them the picture/photo and they did the rest. Look at this happy face:

I'll be honest here and say I didn't know what to expect. The emails swapped back and forth were very friendly and helpful. Through a lack of knowledge on my part I hadn't sent a picture with enough dpi/resolution and the team explained it to me, suggested ways to fix it and also what to watch for when choosing another photo. The quality of the bag itself is great, really sturdy. The decorated sides of the bag are neoprene and there is a strong canvas bottom and sides. There isn't even a thread hanging out it is finished so well.  Overall I was, genuinely, very impressed and I now must add a new compulsion to my anorak status, technology accessories.

They do a photo canvas that I am very interested in. We have just built a new room onto the back of the house and we have a lot of wall space. I would love to get a nice canvas of the three children up on the wall. It is something I will definitely bear in mind once I manage to get a good photo of the three of them (autistic children tend not to like their photograps being taken and HRH is no exception, but I can try!!) They also do anniversary gifts and  have a photo montage service available too.

I did not recieve any payment for this review but I did get to keep the item sent to us.